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Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
Season Seven

Buffy's Final Hours...

Relive the final season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  This product will contain complete episodic coverage of the seventh season, autograph cards, Pieceworks cards, and much more!


Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season Seven
Now Available!


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Inkworks announces the upcoming release of trading cards featuring the final episodes of one of the best shows on television.  The 90-card set offers complete episodic coverage as well as new subsets such as "Faces of the First," "Slayers In Training," and "Andrew's World."  

The product is also loaded with randomly inserted bonus cards including:



Autograph Cards - Fourteen different autograph cards - ONE PER BOX!  (14 different cards - Inserted approximately 1:36 packs - one per box).

  • Nathan Fillion - Caleb

  • Clare Kramer - Glory

  • DB Woodside - Principal Wood

  • Harris Yulin - Quentin Travers

  • Camden Toy - Turok-Han

  • K.D. Aubert - Nikki Wood

And "Slayers In Training" favorites:

  • Iyari Limon - Kennedy

  • Clara Bryant - Molly

  • Amanda Fuller - Eve

  • Felicia Day - Vi

  • Sarah Hagan - Amanda

  • Lalaine - Chloe

  • Indigo - Rona

  • Kristy Wu - Chao-Ahn

Pieceworks Cards - Eight different cards - ONE PER BOX!  Cards feature actual pieces of costumes worn on-screen during Season Seven.  (8 different cards - Inserted approximately 1:36 packs - one per box).  Costumes include:  

  • Andrew’s Toga - from episode “Storyteller”

  • Kennedy’s Sweater - from episode “Lies My Parents Told Me”

  • Kennedy’s T-shirt - from episode “Lies My Parents Told Me”

  • Kennedy’s Pants -  from episode “Lies My Parents Told Me”

  • Cassie’s T-shirt - from episode “Help”

  • Olaf’s Tunic - from episode “Selfless”

  • Rachel’s Blouse - from episode “Selfless”

  • Rachel’s Pants - from episode “Selfless”

The Final Battle - Nine-card puzzle featuring Buffy's final battle. (9 different cards - Inserted approximately 1:11 packs).

Parallel Puzzle - Nine-card parallel puzzle of "The Final Battle."  (9 different cards - Inserted approximately 1:35 packs).

Slayer's Legacy - Six cards featuring the Slayer Lineage, starting with the First, to Buffy and Faith, and finally the Potentials.  (6 different cards - Inserted approximately 1:17 packs)

Warriors Reunite - Three different box loader cards featuring Faith/Buffy, Angel/Buffy, and Buffy/Potentials.  (3 different cards - 1 per sealed display box).

Final Farewell - A very special case loader card (#CL-1).  The front of the card features a photo of Joss Whedon and Sarah Michelle Gellar printed on foil.  The back features an autograph from Buffy creator Joss Whedon.  (1 card - 1 per sealed case).  


Final Farewell
Card CL-1 (Front)
Printed on Foil
Final Farewell
Card CL-1 (Back)
Autographed by Joss Whedon
(click on image to see larger version)

In addition, there will be a Season 7 Collector Album and TWO Uncut Mini-Press Sheets:  

  • "The Final Battle" - Limited to 299 sequentially numbered sheets.

  • Parallel Puzzle "The Final Battle" - Limited to 199 sequentially numbered sheets.


7 cards per pack
36 packs per box
12 boxes per case

SRP:   $2.29 per pack


If you have any questions about this product or need help locating a retailer in your area, please contact our Consumer Relations office at:






All information is subject to change.





1) At least one complete base set of collector cards can be found in each factory-sealed display box.

2) All cards, including any randomly packed bonus cards, will be found defect-free, or we will replace them while supplies last.

If you are unable to complete one base set from a factory-sealed display box or you discover any defective cards, please contact us, so that we can make the necessary corrections.

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