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PIECEWORKS« CARDS - TWO PER BOX!   Sixteen different cards. Each features a piece of an actual costume worn on-screen during Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  (16 cards - inserted approximately 2:36 packs).


Pieceworks« Cards

Card PW-1

Card PW-2 Card PW-3

R e m e m b e r   w h e n . . .

Willow would provide relationship advice…Buffy was getting over Angel…killing vamps was easy… 

Buffy first learned about the Initiative, and trusted Riley with the news that she was a Slayer?

Buffy showed her prowess for hunting vampires…but would it be enough for her encounter with the most famous vampire of all…Dracula?


Item Featured
Pants worn by
Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy)
Season 4 - “Something Blue”

Dual Swatch Card
Item Featured
Sweater & camisole worn by Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy)
Season 4 - “New Man”

Item Featured
Leather jacket worn by
Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy)
Season 5 - “Buffy vs. Dracula”


Card PW-4

Card PW-5 Card PW-6

R e m e m b e r   w h e n . . .

Anya at the Magic Box and her “hare-brained” schemes to make money - like offering a free chicken leg with any purchase?

Giles was always there for Buffy, both as a father-figure and as her Watcher, helping with her training and gathering information about her enemies…

Dawn woke up to song in the musical episode “Once More With Feeling?”


Dual Swatch Card
Item Featured
Dress and slip worn by
Emma Caulfield (Anya)
Season 5 - “Into The Woods”

Item Featured
Shirt worn by
Anthony Stewart Head (Giles)
Season 5 - “Triangle.”

Item Featured
 Pajama top worn by
Michelle Trachtenberg (Dawn)
Season 6 - “Once More, With Feeling.”


Card PW-7

Card PW-8 Card PW-9

R e m e m b e r   w h e n . . .

Willow was dealing with Tara seeing someone else, Xander came back after jilting Anya at the altar, and all three friends pulled together? 

Tara died at the hands of Warren, with Willow powerless to help…

Principal Wood reopened the new Sunnydale High School, and met Buffy and Dawn for the first time…


Item Featured
Top worn by
Alyson Hannigan (Willow)

Season 6 - “Normal Again”

Item Featured
Bloody sweater worn by
Amber Benson (Tara)
Season 6 - “Seeing Red”

Item Featured
 Suit pants worn by
DB Woodside
(Principal Wood)
Season 7 - “Lessons”


Card PW-10

Card PW-11 Card PW-12

R e m e m b e r   w h e n . . .

Buffy, Xander and Dawn were looking for Willow after her return from England. Their research led them to the demon Gnarl, and eventually, to Willow’s rescue.

Kennedy started flirting with Willow? The start of something new?

Molly would read stories about the history of the Slayers to the other potential Slayers, not knowing that the First Evil was in their midst…


Item Featured
Jeans worn by
Nicholas Brendon (Xander)
Season 7 - “Showtime”

Item Featured
Pajama top worn by
Iyari Limon (Kennedy)
Season 7 - “Showtime”

Item Featured
Pajama bottoms worn by
Clara Bryant (Molly)
Season 7 - “Showtime”


Card PW-13

Card PW-14 Card PW-15

R e m e m b e r   w h e n . . .

Buffy and Spike were training the Potentials, encouraging them to follow their instincts while fighting, preparing them for the ultimate battle…

Buffy met the Shadow Man, one of the First Watchers who would teach her about the origin of the First Slayer…

Buffy left to pick up the newest Potential, Rona, who would later conquer her fears and fight bravely at Buffy’s side…


Item Featured
T-shirt worn by
Felicia Day (Vi)
Season 7 - “Potential”

Item Featured
Tunic worn by
Daniel Wilson (Shadow Man)
Season 7 - “Get It Done”

Item Featured
Overalls worn by
Indigo (Rona)
Season 7 - “Lies My Parents Told Me”


  Card PW-16  

R e m e m b e r   w h e n . . .


Andrew was retelling the story of Faith, and warning them that she was dangerous…


Item Featured
Jacket worn by
Tom Lenk (Andrew)
Season 7 - “Dirty Girls”


NOTE:  Pieceworks Cards PW-17A and PW-17B are Retailer Incentive Cards


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